St. George has built and sustained an impressive and progressive music program, with a musically talented and committed Church Choir under the very capable leadership of Sophia Argeros. The community leaders under the spiritual guidance of Fr. George D. Tsoukalas have had the foresight to understand and support the music program consisting of a Senior Choir, Junior Choir and Greek School Chorus. The theological background and mysticism of our church hymns unite all participants in prayer with the angelic choirs.

We invite all young adults and adults to join us. We ask for a commitment of two (2) rehearsals and two (2) Sundays per month.

Apolitikion for St. George:
"As the liberator of captives  and the protector of the poor, a physician for the ill, the defender of rulers, a great martyr, O Saint   George, victorious. Prayer for us to Christ our God to save our souls."

Sophia Argeros
Choir Director

For information and/or to join the St. George Choir, please contact Choir Director Sophia Argeros 617-543-5762 via the Church Office at (781) 593-6162 or by email