Harry Agganis Tournament


April 8th - April 10th, 2022

Brought to you by the St. George Greek Orthodox Community of Lynn
For more information call the Church office @ 781-593-6162 or John Meklis @ 781-526-9200 or email jmeklis@gmail.com or agganistournament@yahoo.com - FIND US ON FACEBOOK - Harry Agganis Basketball Tournament

Youth Division - High School Division - Women Division - Men Division


2022 Harry Agganis Tournament Flyer

2022 Harry Agganis Program

2022 Harry Agganis Recap

Thank you all for coming out and participating and supporting this year's
Harry Agganis Basketball Tournament. After a 2 year hiatus, you all
contributed in making this year's tournament return a success. On behalf
of the Harry Agganis Basketball Tournament Committee and the St George
Community, we would like to thank you for your continued support. We
look forward to seeing all of you next year.

Here are this year's winners and award recipients (Apologies if we
misspelled any names. Please let us know and we will correct them).

High School Champions - Chicago

High School All Stars:
Charlie Katsikaris - Weston
Steven Rantiris - Weston
James Meklis - Lynn
Anthony Paganis - Arlington
Angelo Dimopoulos - Haverhill
Anesti Touma - Haverhill
Nick Vasilakis - Chicago
Christopher Manesses - Chicago
High School MVP - Alex Vasilakis - Chicago
Pastor's Award - Angelo Dimopoulos - Haverhill
Men's Division Champions - Whitestone

Men's All Stars:
Mike Gray - Peabody
Evan Tsevedos - Albany
Andrew McCullough - Albany
Alex Jacovides - Lynn
Dimitri Flores - Lynn
Peter Papastefanou - Whitestone
Luka Jakic - Whitestone

Men's MVP - Chris Mikos - Whitestone


Harry Agganis Basketball Tournament: St George's Church vs New York Whitestone | April 9, 2022 - Men's Division
Harry Agganis Basketball Tournament: Chicago vs Haverill | April 9, 2022 - High School Division
Harry Agganis Basketball Tournament: Albany vs Boston | April 9, 2022 - Men's Division
Harry Agganis Basketball Tournament: Weston vs Virginia | April 9, 2022 - Men's Division
Harry Agganis Basketball Tournament: St. George's Church vs Albany | April 10, 2022 - Men's Division
Harry Agganis Basketball Tournament: Chicago Papaflessas vs Haverill | April 10, 2022 - High School Championship
Harry Agganis Basketball Tournament: St George's Church vs New York Whitestone | April 9, 2022 Men's Championship